Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have been tagged!

I've been tagged by Alice ,
Lilypepperprimitives and Amkstitches. My assignment is to share 6 weird things about myself. Then I have to tag 6 others. Let's start:
1- I collect stones, leaves and dead insects and other stuff...
2- I can't sleep if my feet are not covered with something..sheet,blanket,anything!
3- I have 2 tattoos that I designed myself. One is a key note on my shoulder, the other one is a fairy in memory of my loving mom.
4- I got married in purple. A few weeks before my wedding, I had a dream: I was wearing a purple weeding dress. I found it in a shop the day after!
5- When I was pregnant, I was craving for lentils and pasta soups, garlic and cheese( camembert!). Everybody told me that I was expecting a boy! I gave birth to an adorable baby girl..
6- During my pregnancy I put on 50 pounds! It is weird considering that I stayed away from burgers, greasy food and sodas, and cakes, and chips, and french fries...

Here are the 6 blogs I chose to tag:
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