Saturday, October 10, 2009

Los Angeles- New York

For all our friends who asked about our trip Los Angeles-New York, here are finally some pics! It took us 6 days to reach our destination. It all began like this: we rented the trailer:

We did LA-Arizona. The landscape is changing

and I like the small little clouds

Then in Texas, flat tire! Twice! We are in the middle of nowhere...

The giant cross in Oklahoma:

And my camera is dead! It was an easy and nice trip, considering that we had a 5 yo and a 9 mos baby on board. NY, NY, here we are!


  1. Have you relocated? I had no idea you were moving ... winter in NY will be a big change!

  2. Yes we have. Winter will definitively be the biggest change, an opportunity to crochet hats and scarves again!

  3. OMGOODNESS! Like total opposites, polar and tangible. Congrats! I'm glad it was easy for you with two wee little ones! SoGLAD! Sorry to hear that Tx gave you the hardest time, but its always something here in Tx. You probably drove through the ugliest part of Tx, which is the upper part, down low is beautiful, austin rolling hills, and big bend are just exquisite. You won't be gipped out of any beautiful landscapes up in the NE, the colors you drove through right now probably reminded you of a storybook. I'm so happy for you! AND jealous!