Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010: Un petit tour dans le jardin

My eco princess planting some seeds;

My son making friends with ants and earth worms:

Watching the new pink crocus:

Feeding the birds:

Looking at the clouds:

and making some fresh mint tea!

What a happy day! Happy Earth day everyone!


  1. Looks like your kiddos are enjoying mother Earth just fine!

    Mmmmm.... would love to sip some fresh mint tea, sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day, to celebrate 40th Birthday!...after I plant more seeds in my veggie garden. Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Happy Earth Day to you too Karen!

  3. What a beautiful Earth Day! thanks for sharing!

  4. Earth Day is so much fun. It's a great way to connect kids with what sustains them, and ourselves in the process. Thanks for sharing with us. :)