Monday, April 12, 2010

Organic baby blanket soft bamboo woven fleece


I am finally able to post some pics of our new organic receiving baby blanket. I tried a beautiful 100% bamboo woven fleece. This fabric is so soft, with a beautiful diamond pattern on one side. I doubled it with a layer of my favorite hemp fleece. Natural and eco-friendly. Plain and simple!
Soft, warm, fuzzy and perfect to bring for an evening walk!!
Did you know that bamboo has numerous environmental benefits ? Bamboo plants grow very quick and do not require fertilizers or pesticides. They also require very little water and they can survive drought conditions as well as flooding.
Size is 24" x 27 " (61 cm x 68.58 cm). One will be stocked in my etsy shop. As usual you'll be able to contact me for a custom order.

So in love with this natural color, I looked for some matching finds among my teams shops. I found this:
Eco friendly sleep bag by PurePixie: cotton and organic bamboo (Natural Kids team)

This gorgeous natural bamboo shawl by AnnyMay (French Handmade Team)

and this refreshing Organic Peppermint Play Bath Bomb by herbolution (Etsy Earth Team)

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