Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babywearing Alert! Pictorial

My ( 17 months and 26 pounds )son is still enjoying his wrap and I finally made a pictorial to show how great baby wraps are! It is up on my website HERE and I hope you'll like it! I also finished 2 more organic baby wraps: the first one was made of organic green cotton and a Versace shirt was used to make the front panel:

Babywearing benefits are numerous, for both parents and babies. To name a few: Babies are happy and cry less, they grow healthier and it is convenient for the parents (you're hand free!). You will find a great article on babywearing benefits at Babywearing International website. Babyywearing is great! Did I mention that nursing in public is not a problem? My organic baby wraps can be found on my website.

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