Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet our new neighbor! (if you're not scared of snakes)

We discovered a new neighbor this morning( we moved yesterday upstate New York) and since, I've been gathering information on snakes and particularly Copperhead in the area. According to what I found out, this is a baby Copperhead Snake, (I might be wrong (leave a comment if I am)) it is venomous and right now sleeping on my front porch! With my 2 kids running around, I wanted to get as much information as possible to avoid a painful bite. Do you live in a snake area? What experience or pictures can you share? Did I mention that tomorrow we'll be wearing boots, thick jeans and gloves even if it is 90 degrees?
UPDATE on June 4th: More research and some new names: Corn Snake or Milksnake: I looked at the eyes of the snake and it isn't a Copperhead! They have yellow eyes like this!

photo courtesy of A Mountain Mama
My little snake had eyes like that:

photo courtesy of
Can you feel the relief?


  1. Wait. Aren't you in CA? Did you move to NY? Where these snakes are?

    Snakes and I are not friends. No siree. I get the chills. Brr....I don't know how you can even get that close to take pictures....Yikes!

  2. This one is from upstate NY. It seems it is a milk snake, non venomous (relief). I have no problem leaving him alone if i know he is not dangerous... Our friend is still around, he likes us! ( I say our friend because he's taking care of rodents and spiders)