Saturday, June 12, 2010

The ugly truth behind our bedtime story!

We LOVE books... and we have a lot! A few years ago I started to buy them used for environmental reasons... For the same reasons, I only read magazines and newspapers when going to doctors appointments, which is not very often! But it is good sometimes to remind ourselves how books are made of and where they come from... This morning I read an article by Non Toxic Kids on Top Children's book Publishers using paper linked to deforestation in Indonesia and thought it was worth a blog. I love books AND rainforests, I signed the petition and will keep buying used books ( a major issue with the CPSIA regulations against lead content!). You will find a rainforest safe summer reading list HERE: all books being printed on post-consumer recycled, FSC certified or recycled paper. What is your opinion on the subject? Are e-books the only way?

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