Monday, August 23, 2010

Kiss me?

After the rain yesterday, kids saw a frog for the first time!

Amphibians have been around for an estimated 350 million years. Very sensitive to perturbations in ecosystems, they are excellent indicators of the quality of the overall environment. Their population is sadly declining. Scientists are talking about habitat loss, climate change, UV radiation, pollutants and diseases...
You will find a great post on EcoEtsy's blog written by Jennifer from SewnNaturalStudio here about frogs and environment.
Because I craft better than I write, I made a frog softie out of organic red and white velvet. Who wants to kiss the frog? Ribbit! New addition to the shop.


  1. I just had to write in reply to this post...
    Now while I have an irrational fear of frogs, that frog softie you made brings back so many memories.
    My Nana used to make something extremely similar to that. It's a nice memory I have not thought of in years.
    Thank you for sharing, you do amazing work.