Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not to be found at Target: my Handmade Halloween Costume Part I

While finishing my daughter's Halloween costume (she wants to be Amy Rose) and thinking about my son's (he wants to be Princess Leia!) I came across this funny video:

Target is booing Homemade costumes and you can be Iron Man for only $19.99. Really? Well this year (again) I was able to:
1: beat Target's price
2: avoid those itchy costumes
3: make my 6 years old really happy!
What I needed:
- an image of Amy Rose: make a photocopy on transfer paper

- a red skirt (that was already a recycled t-shirt): free

Cutting some length and adding a white hem

- a long sleeve, a pair of scissors and a heat press: you can replace the heat press by an iron!

A pink pair of leggings that she has and Voila!
We still need to figure out how to make Amy's hair but at this point it is a detail... She loves it! And my son too of course!

What will you make?


  1. The heck with Target, homemade costumes are always the best! My boys are all grown now but we never bought a costume through many years of Halloween. My fav was the year my middle boy wanted to be The Riddler. We covered a set of green cotton PJ's with magic marker question marks, drew a makeup pair of goggles on his face, and gave his hair a (temporary) red dye looked fantastic!...and he wore those Riddler PJ's to death afterwards!

  2. I recognize that some don't have the time to make a homemade costume and this is ok, but I do. And the expression of my kids when it is done is priceless. Oh and I would love to see some pics of those Riddler PJ's!