Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If you give my kid a candy!

(or a green Halloween didn't happen this year!)
If you give my kid a candy
She will ask for a plastic pumpkin
And refuse your fabric trick-or-treat bag.
Then she'll start running around trick-or-treating
Asking for more candies with a big smile on her face
Ignoring your fear of high fructose corn syrup or food colorants.
When she gets enough candies
She will want caramels and chocolate
And won't remember that you are boycotting Nestlé and Hershey.
When her pumpkin is full
She will ask for eating all the candies right now.
If you say save some for tomorrow
She will lick a lollipop... and chew some gum...
Sharing the sweetness with her brother.
The day after when she's done with the candies, caramels, chocolate and lollipops
She will find 1 dollar in her bucket
And with this treasure she will probably ask you
To go out to the store to buy a candy...

We had a great Halloween, going to the parade in Woodstock. Everybody seemed to enjoy it! How was your Halloween?

PS: You will not see the Luke Skywalker costume I had made for my son because he decided that he wanted to stay in pyjamas.

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