Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiled Baby!

This baby tee was called "spoiled baby!" or banana tee, because the pattern of the tie dye makes reference to this book I love: "Primal Mothering in a modern world" by Hyegia Halfmoon
Here's the full extract about attachment parenting and spoling our kids.
"One afternoon, while pushing a cart through the produce section of my
neighborhood grocery store, the manager looked up and, upon noticing my
baby tucked securely against me in a baby sling barked, "Hey, why don't
you put your baby in the front of the cart where she belongs?" I said that
she was fine and happy to be next to me, to which he replied, "Spoiled
I was holding a bunch of overly-ripe bananas as he spoke those
words, raised them to his face, and showed him the true definition of
spoiled (...)
(...)According to Webster's Dictionary, spoil means "to harm severely, to ruin, to
impair the quality of, to become unfit for use."(...)
We all know fruit only spoils when it is neglected, when it is left to rot, when it is not enjoyed fully at the ripe stage (...)Wrap your arms around your blossoming pregnant belly, your newborn, your toddlers, your young children, your growing adolescents, and your grandchildren. ..reminding them daily that nothing compares to the joy of raising them into their own spiritual sovereignty".
As you can see, this shirt is for a very spoiled little one! Tie Dye on 100 % certified organic cotton baby lap tee using a gorgeous brown (procion mx fiber reactive dye). Size shown: 6-12 mos.


  1. Emmanuelle, that is just adorable. Really makes me wish I still had a little person running around. You create such beautiful things. : )

  2. So you too love spoiled babies! :)