Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waldorf inspired babies

A request from my kids (and their friends!): dolls! Very simple waldorf inspired babies using organic materials.
Construction of the head and body:

Marking the eyes and mouth (my son got a little bit carried away with the needles but I love where he put the nose!)

Stuffing the body:

Doll #3: hmmm , a lot of room for improvement... (#1 and #2 can be seen here)

Doll #4: I like the face better but no fat cheeks...

Doll #5 I am getting somewhere with this one, see those fat cheeks?

I got plenty of help from those tutorials here and here. I don't pretend I will master the art of waldorf dolls making. What I wanted was the fun of making dolls again and being able to get this...:
A Priceless smile! What did you make this week?


  1. How funny! Looks like Waldorf doll making is very trendy at the moment! LOL
    Love you little dolls!

  2. Oh you started first lol! And mine are nothing compared to the big doll you made :)

  3. i made many things that i am proud of...but nothing as beautiful as that smile! i think it's great how your kids like to join in the fun!

  4. It is difficult to say "no" when they're having so much fun. Have a great weekend too! :)

  5. I love those little dolls...takes me back a few years when I made some for my now 12 y/o :)

  6. @Rainbow: I still remember the rag doll my mom made me when I was little. I am surprisingly happy when making dolls, as happy as the kids. :)

  7. they look so soft and cuddly! great post!