Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wipe Mama!

I've been making more cloth wipes for the past 2 weeks and my husband started calling me "wipe mama". I am still working with those 3 designer cotton prints:
100% cotton print by Kokka : Collection Trèfle.

100% cotton print by Holly Holderman : Collection Paris Tea.

cotton print: Collection Think Peace by Michael Miller.

I also found this organic cotton terry cloth and made some new bath mittens to replace the original ones. So far I like the fabric a lot, it is perfect for bath time:

And I listened to my customers who requested thicker wipes: 2 ply hemp / organic cotton french terry wipes are now available in 2 sizes: Maxi size or Mini...

That's it for my week. How was your?

1 comment:

  1. wonderful stuff "wipe mama" ;) love the fabric choices!!! mine was crazy busy and the weekend has been that way too! i think i'll have to make Monday & Tuesday my Saturday & Sunday this week!! :)