Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our community Garden

Our community garden, started last month, looks great! So far are growing: strawberries, peppers and cucumbers, salads and beans. We also added a compost bin. Does anyone want to share a great squirrel repellent recipe? :)


  1. I'm told that sprinkling cayenne pepper or pepper flakes around and on plants helps deter squirrels and doesn't hurt the plants.

    I'm also told that fake snakes, moved sometimes, will help deter rabbits.

  2. you could try mixing water lots & lots of cayenne pepper and dish soap and spray your plants with it. i don't know if it would effect the flavor of the plants/veg. cayenne mixed in our birdseed doesn't bother the birds but the squirrels hate it. the garden looks great - grow baby grow!!! ;)

  3. Thanks a lot! Will try the cayenne pepper then. Hope it doesn't stay on the strawberries! :)