Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A trip to the Fashion District

So the other day I took the kiddos to a trip to Downtown LA. I am trying to keep my composure in the first picture but I was really excited! The kids are surprisingly calm (exhausted?)...

After what seemed to be hours, I am finally happy with my finds:

It is time to go, who's happy to leave?

Here are some sneak pics of the fininshed products: can you guess what it is? :)


  1. how fun - what wonderful colors!!! and yes happiness is written all over that sweet little face! :)

  2. Very nice colours and motives !!! I like to much going in fabrics shops !!!

  3. Looks like an awesome shop. I probably would have to be booted out at closing time if I had been there shopping!

  4. It would happen to me too if I was shopping alone! :)