Sunday, July 1, 2012

One afternoon in the life of a curly monkey

Our little one is 5 months old and a giggling and crawling baby is extremely difficult to photograph. At 5  mo, a baby will be utterly uncooperative, putting in his mouth everything he can grasp and laughing at your efforts to stage your article "perfectly". All my admiration goes to professional photographers who specialize in babies and children. My oldest son was totally up for the photo shoot though and it was overall a fun afternoon.
Our organic hooded bath towel comes in 1 size big enough to cover newborns to 8 years old. I love the softness of this unbleached hemp fleece and might be tempted to make an adult size pretty soon...

Organic hooded towel on my 3 yo son... He loves it!


  1. great photos!!! you've got two very handsome boys - they're fabulous and looked like they enjoyed helping you get some shots of your hooded towel.
    it looks SO cozy & soft! the organic material you use is amazing!

  2. Thank you! They are my precious product testers! :)