Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prop 37: Right to know

"The first wealth is health"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you haven’t watched Genetic Roulette yet, here is a 10 mn remix. As my 8 years old daughter is learning about the food chain and California is getting ready to vote on Prop 37, the debate about GMO is on fire. There are 9 currently GM food crops: soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, sugar beets, papaya, zuchinni, yellow crookneck squash and alfalfa. I have to admit I did not know about the last 4 ones :(
GMO have been linked to serious health risks*. Do you think we have the right to know what we put in our bodies? Do you think we have the right to make an informed decision? I sincerely do.

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